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Designed specifically to help you become even more efficient in what you do, allowing you to introduce additional functionality to your system as and when you need. All of our add-ons have been created to save you time, offer more to your clients, and ultimately help you make more on the bottom line!

Advanced Quoting icon
Advanced Quoting
US$12.99 per month

Enhance your quotes to better serve your customers

The ServiceGuru Advanced Quoting addon is a great way to offer options within your quotes to encourage your customers to opt for premium materials or additional services.

  • Generate interactive quotes that help you upsell
  • Allow your customers to purchase additional services and use premium materials
  • A customer simply opens a quote, selects their preferred option, and accepts the quote
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Attachment Privacy icon
Attachment Privacy
US$3.99 per month

Treat sensitive information with additional discretion

Decide who is able to see attachments on a job card over and above your standard security roles with the ServiceGuru Attachment Privacy addon.

  • Decide which individuals can view your attachments on a job card while making the attachments invisible to everyone else
  • Ideal for communicating confidential information intended for specific individuals
  • Helps you treat sensitive information with the necessary discretion
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Booking Links icon
Booking Links
US$8.99 per month

Allow your customers to book the work they require

ServiceGuru Booking Links makes it easy for customers to book jobs or services themselves, saving you time and reducing your admin.

  • Allow customers to book jobs themselves with one click
  • Choose what dates and times you wish to offer
  • Booking links can be sent by email or SMS
  • Stripe integrated for seamless payments
  • View booking reports for created links
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Customer Portal icon
Customer Portal
US$15.99 per month

Communicate efficiently with your customers in one simple to use system

The ServiceGuru Customer Portal addon is an essential tool for any business that wants to enhance their customer service by giving customers access to the information they need on a regular basis.

  • Communicate efficiently with your customers in one simple to use system
  • Share the job information you want with your customers
  • Reduce requests for information from your customers
  • Make certificates and forms easily accessible to your customers
  • Let your customers add notes and attachments as well as book jobs
  • Let your customers accept quotes and pay invoices directly
  • Easy to customise for every client or job
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Document Uploader icon
Document Uploader
US$5.99 per month

Automatically attach and even send relevant documents on a job card

The ServiceGuru Document Uploader addon allows you to automatically attach and even email relevant documents as soon as the associated client, badge, material or job category has been applied to a job card.

  • Automatically attaches documents and PDFs associated with materials, clients, job categories, and badges to a job card
  • Automatically email documents to job or billing contacts
  • No more searching for documents and attaching them manually
  • Use the built in search tool for easy access to all your documents
  • Automatically send a document when a job has been completed
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Form Mailer icon
Form Mailer
US$2.99 per month

Never forget to send a form again

The ServiceGuru Form Mailer addon is designed to automatically email completed forms, ensuring important forms are never forgotten to be sent. Save time as the form is instantly sent to its recipient upon completion.

  • Send forms to job or billing contacts
  • Send forms to any number of relevant email addresses
  • Quick and easy setup
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Information Request icon
Information Request
US$9.99 per month

Gather additional job information quickly and efficiently

Request pictures, documents or any other information you may require from your customers directly through the job card with the ServiceGuru Information Request addon.

  • Request information, pictures and documents from a customer directly through the job card
  • Get extra information without a phone call or job site visit
  • Convenient for both you and your customer
  • Allow your customers to make bookings that suit them
  • Image requests open your smartphone's camera app and save pictures directly to the job card
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Job Duplicator icon
Job Duplicator
US$3.99 per month

Repeatedly inputting the same job details is now a thing of the past

The ServiceGuru Job Duplicator addon makes it easy to produce multiple job cards with the same details, saving you time and effort from manual input.

  • Reduce manual input when creating new job cards
  • Create pre-filled job cards
  • Produce multiple job cards with the same details
  • Choose which job card details you wish to duplicate
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Price Adjuster icon
Price Adjuster
US$2.99 per month

Easily add discounts and surcharges without using a calculator

The ServiceGuru Price Adjuster addon allows you to quickly and easily create and apply discounts or surcharges to a job on percentage basis or as a fixed fee (or both).

  • Create discounts and surcharges as a percentage basis, fixed fee, or both
  • Easily apply those to a job
  • Create presets for frequent discounts or surcharges for quick application
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Proximity Scheduler icon
Proximity Scheduler
US$7.99 per month

Cut your commuting time and cost

The ServiceGuru Proximity Scheduler addon makes it simple to book jobs in a similar location based on which employees are working within proximity to the job within a selected date range.

  • Reduce travel time between jobs
  • No extra set up before use
  • View which employees are within proximity to a job in a selected date range
  • Schedule jobs directly through the add-on
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Purchase Orders icon
Purchase Orders
US$4.99 per month

Produce purchase orders in a few simple clicks

Managing purchase orders can be slow and time consuming. Create and send purchase orders directly from the job card and save time with the ServiceGuru Purchase Order Generator addon.

  • Quickly create POs within a job card
  • POs are saved to the job card as PDFs ready to send directly to the supplier
  • See lists of all POs generated on that job card as well as a list of all pending POs
  • Select items from material and services list with one click
  • Split POs between two suppliers
  • Save supplier details for rapid PO creation
  • Mark when a PO is sent and when items are received
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Quick Quote icon
Quick Quote
US$4.99 per month

Speed up your quoting with the help of templates

Producing quotes can be slow and time consuming. Create templates for frequently quoted jobs and services with the ServiceGuru Quick Quote addon for quick and easy application.

  • Build a custom quote using templates in just one click
  • Create quotes with more detail in a quick and efficient manner
  • Compile frequently used items as a kit for quick application to a quote
  • Add multiple quote templates at once
  • Automatically adds a checklist to your job card to ensure the job is done right every time
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Reminders icon
US$4.99 per month

Never forget a task again with Reminders

Set crucial reminders for either yourself or a member of staff with the ServiceGuru Reminders addon, notifying them with a pop-up message on their phone and the ServiceM8 dispatch board when the reminder is due.

  • Easily set custom reminders sent to a specific person
  • Receive notifications even when the phone is locked
  • Reminders pop up on the ServiceM8 app
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Reports icon
US$24.99 per month

View valuable system data with enhanced reporting

The ServiceGuru Reports addon allows you to take your business to the next level by using the data stored in your system to create insightful reports and key performance indicators, giving you instant access to detailed analytics.

  • Retrieve valuable system data with a few clicks
  • Create reports based on the data you need
  • Simple-to-use interface
  • Filter your data by adding conditions to retrieve specific metrics
  • Reports can be downloaded as CVS, XLS or PDF files
  • Gain a deeper insight into how your business is performing
  • Ensure targets are being met
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Vehicle Portal icon
Vehicle Portal
US$7.99 per month

Store your vehicle details in one easy to manage place

Store and track information on all your vehicles, from servicing, to inspections and repairs, as well as equipment associated with particular vehicles. Manage your fleet and stay compliant with the ServiceGuru Vehicle Portal addon.

  • Store important information and images of each vehicle in your business
  • Record and set reminders for service dates, inspections and repairs
  • Schedule and assess staff vehicle inspections with associated inspection forms on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Store information of equipment on that vehicle
  • Store important driver details
  • Access accident report forms directly from any job card
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